My Name Is Bettie & I Am Here To Tell You About Aspics


My name is Bettie. I enjoy gardening and working on my cookbook of savory aspic recipes.

You can never have too many aspics!


Just when you think you can’t fit another savory aspic on a buffet table, you’ll find you can with some clever rearrangement.


There now!


Aspics are always everyone’s favorite!

I’m sure you’ll see when my cookbook 50 Recipes on the Aspects of Aspics comes out. It’s perfect for busy housewives!



Aspics are also great conversion pieces.

Any time you are at a party and you are at a loss for what to say, you can casually mention the aspic on the buffet table. You can say, “Gee whiz! Is that a shrimp aspic with broccoli and corn? What wonderment!”


Aspics can be made with so many things like bologna, tuna, or even jellied beef tongue!

They’re perfect because they are so versatile!



It’s the magic of aspics!


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