How To Make Your Life Better In One Easy Step (Step One Will Amaze You)


You guys! I got this really good idea about how to go about making life easier — and the solution is to have an extra arm.

It’s that simple!

(Excuse me, but I’ve had a lot of coffee.)

Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I think, self — why don’t you try and find a way to make your life easier?

So I was just walking around.

Actually, I was at a radio station. It was all underground — very thingy. Rudiments of clutter — but as decor.

And there was this mannequin arm hanging from the ceiling.

And I thought, self — this will solve all of your problems!

(I’d had quite a bit of coffee.)

So, I put it in my shirt sleeve and said, “Everyone give me a high-five!”

But really there was only one person. My friend Daphne. And she hadn’t had any coffee.

You know what I mean.

So she didn’t think that this would solve everybody’s problems. And while it didn’t — you have to think like an entrepreneur about this stuff.

But I put it in my sleeve and made her high-five me.


It was very hard not to laugh because the arm looked kind of bulbous.

But I said, self — you are achieving  your dreams. You’re out there every day mixing it up. You are lucky. Everybody is not as lucky as you.

And then I made her high-five me again.


And this time it was okay.



The thing about a mannequin arm is that not only is it an extra arm its also a conversation-fashion-starter-centerpiece.

And in case you don’t know what I’m doing, I’m strategically brainstorming ideas for your business.

In fact, I’m so busy, I’ve got to go  — I’m late for a meeting to present some great ideas for your business in.





Okay — uh, oops — I don’t actually have a meeting to go to, I read that wrong in my calendar.

& anyway, I’m more of an idea man if you get my drift. I’m more into thought mentoring.

Like BAM — 

Here’s a strategic idea about a mannequin arm.

If you are pretending to rise up from the inky depths, a mannequin arm can give that extra octopus feeling for realistic surfacing as cephalopod sea creature in your day-to-day activities.


All activities are better as 5/8 octopus.

Here’s another — BAM 

You can shake hands as 5/8 octopus too.

Next time you are at a party, wear a mannequin arm in your shirt sleeve and say, “Just shake one of my left hands.”


Boy will they start reading about invertebrates.

I don’t need to explain to you the important applications being 5/8 octopus would have on everyday life. It’s just obvious.

This is the kind of strategic idea about octopuses that can work for your business.

Like the other day I was driving in my car.

It’s not a Porsche — yet.

And the guy in front of me had a licence plate that said MINDSET. And I thought, that’s true. It really is all about your mindset. That guy is a fucking genius — 

Here’s one of me as a shepherdess by the way —


Two hands.

Anyway, I was driving in my car — where was I at again?

Anyway, I was thinking, that guy is a genius. He is going to make a fortune just from his ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT  — 



And that’s what I love about this country. Everyone’s so open to new ideas.

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