Music & Sound

Ambient Nature Sounds

Oregon Caves National Monument | NPS

I recorded ambient nature sounds at Oregon Caves National Monument when I was Artist-in-Residence there in 2019. Recording ambient nature sounds helps preserve wild soundscapes. 

The recordings are of birds singing along Cave Creek, a Pacific wren returning to its nest above the cave entrance to feed its chicks, and water sounds at the deepest part of the cave (225 feet below the surface).

Muir Woods National Monument | NPS

I recorded ambient nature sounds at Muir Woods National Monument when I was a visitor there in 2022. The recordings I made often have human sounds as well as nature sounds due the high volume of visitors at the monument. Still, I think I captured a bit of what makes the place special through its unique sounds.

The recordings are of creaking redwoods near Redwood Creek, a (faint) hermit thrush singing high in the redwood canopy as wind shakes the leaves, and a pacific wren singing near the Cathedral Grove trailhead.

Fort Funston | Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

I took ambient audio recordings of the natural seaside soundscapes while I was hiking at Fort Funston in San Francisco, and my favorite recording was of a Nuttall’s White-crowned Sparrow (a subspecies found in coastal California) singing on the beach.



Tintinnabulation is digital ambient music I wrote to resemble the sound of bells or chimes.  It is a theme and four variations.

The track titles are: Church Bells (theme), Holy Temple (variation 1), Spring Thaw (variation 2), Heartbeat (variation 3), and Underwater Organ (variation 4).

Two Piano Pieces on Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” | Storyfort

I composed two piano pieces based on the alliteration in the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Each piece is a short passage from the poem “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” transposed into musical notes and played on the piano (apologies for my piano skills).

For more information about how these pieces were created, check out this blog post about the Storyfort panel presentation I composed them for.