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I studied musicology as an undergraduate and sometimes write music. Tintinnabulation is digital ambient music I wrote to resemble the sound of bells or chimes.  It is a theme and four variations.

The track titles are: Church Bells (theme), Holy Temple (variation 1), Spring Thaw (variation 2), Heartbeat (variation 3), and Underwater Organ (variation 4).

Ambient Nature Sounds | NPS

I record ambient sounds to preserve wild soundscapes. Below are three ambient sounds recordings I made as Artist-in-Residence at Oregon Caves National Monument.

They are of birds singing along Cave Creek, a Pacific wren returning to its nest above the 110 cave entrance to feed its chicks, and water sounds at the deepest part of the cave (225 feet below the surface).

Two Pieces Based on the Alliteration from Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” | Storyfort

I created two piano pieces based on the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Each piece is a short passage from the poem “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” transposed into musical notes and played on the piano (apologies for my mediocre piano skills).

For more information about how these pieces were created check out this blog post about the panel presentation I created them for.