Reading | Flipside Fest & Death Rattle Literary 9th Anniversary Showcase

I recently participated in two literary readings: Flipside Fest in September and the Death Rattle 9th Anniversary Showcase in November.

Flipside Fest is a music and art festival put on by the Duck Club in Garden City, Idaho as a way to harness the energy from the Treefort Music Festival that happens in Idaho every spring.

I read poetry at an art event at Roots Zero Waste Market along with Boise State MFA students. My favorite part of the festival (besides the live music) was the Demolition House art installation put on by Surel’s Place. (A few years ago, I did a studio residency at their art center).

I also read poetry at the Death Rattle Literary 9th Anniversary Showcase in Nampa, Idaho at the end of November. Poems that I read at the event are forthcoming in The Indianapolis Review and Glassworks Magazine.

The event featured other Idaho writers, including Jacqui Reiko Teruya, J. Reuben Appelman, Patricia Marcantonio, D. Kopec, and Daphne Stanford, who won the programmer of the year award this year from KRBX Radio Boise for hosting The Poetry Show, Boise’s only poetry-themed radio show.


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