Wildflowers of Mores Mountain | Boise National Forest

For the past three months, I have been IDing and cataloguing native wildflowers on Mores Mountain in Bogus Basin and Boise National Forest. Mores Mountain is known for spectacular views and incredible wildflower displays, the best I’ve seen in the Treasure Valley. I thought I’d share some of the flowers I saw on the trails in May, June, and July.


May flowers are: (1) upland larkspur, (2) spring beauty, (3) goosefoot violet, (4) yellow bells, (5) ballhead waterleaf, (6) mountain kittentails, and (7) Rocky Mountain paintbrush.

Other May flowers (not pictured) included shrubby cinquefoil, Oregon grape, and blue stickseed (meadow forget-me-not).


June flowers are: (1) sego lily, (2) Oregon sunshine, (3) mountain sunflower, (4) scarlet gilia, (5) penstemon, and (6) horsemint.

Other June flowers (not pictured) included western columbine and wax currant.


July flowers are: (1) buckwheat, (2) fireweed, (3) lupine, (4) western coneflower, and (5) sticky geranium.

Other July flowers (not pictured) included yarrow and water hemlock.

For more information about wildflowers in Boise National Forest and Bogus Basin, check out the USDA Mores Mountain wildflower guide.

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