Reading | CCC Fund May Showcase

This May, I read at an event at KIN that showcased art, music, and literature from the 60+ awardees of grants from the Treasure Valley COVID-19 Cultural Commissioning Fund. I read some pieces from my Surel’s Place Residency.

The event was bittersweet as it was the first time many of us had seen each other in person since the pandemic began. In addition, making art about a pandemic while experiencing a pandemic was often emotionally exhausting, even on the best of days.

Below, I’ve included some pics of the reading along with photos of some of my favorite art pieces in the galleries at KIN.

The art pieces are For as Long as we Both Shall Live by Kay Seurat, Stagnation by Luma Jasim, Nonessential Suffocation by Melissa Reche, and Pandemic in Blue Community Quilt by Jessie Swimeley.


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