Sound & Vision: Poets & Musicians on the Art of the Lyric | Storyfort Panel 2021

In September, I participated in Storyfort, a literary festival, and one of the “forts” of the Treefort Music Festival here in Boise, ID.

I was on a panel held at FireFusion Studio that discussed the intersection between music and poetry. The panel, Sound & Vision: Poets & Musicians on the Art of the Lyric, was hosted by poet Adam O. Davis. The other panelists were poets Tessy Ward and Aaron LoPatin.

Part One: Musical Rests and Pauses in the Poetry of Cathy Park Hong and De Leon Harrison

One idea I focused on was tonal “clouds” and the use of in-line pauses in the musical performance texts of Cathy Park Hong, De Leon Harrison, and others.

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Reading | Bloom Reading Series at Idaho Botanical Garden

This July, I read poems from a project about COVID-19 and the Second Plague Pandemic (1347-1700) in the Bloom Reading Series for Storyfort at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

The project, which tells the stories of impacted individuals through primary and secondary sources, is funded by a grant from the COVID Cultural Commissioning Fund.

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It’s Wildfire Season Again In The West

I love the arid, mountain landscapes of the West. I love the native wildflower and animal species that live in mountain ecosystems. I love the aridity of the desert. I love its total lack of humidity and 100+ degree heat.

But with the aridity of the western landscape comes fire season with its forest fires and wildfires.

Last summer there were forest fires burning in Idaho and two adjoining states at around the same time. The smoke from all of them was blowing down into Boise. For weeks, the city was ensconced in a hazy layer of burning, lung-clogging smoke.

This is normal.

It’s like that in every state in the West.

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